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For 20 years we have provided translations and services thousands of customers in a wide range of services and industries. Many companies are working with us on an ongoing basis. Read what they say about us known companies.

The cost of transfers and services in Kiev

Translation "StatusKo" offers high quality services at an affordable price:

Translation - from 120 UAH. for a standard document;

Technical translation - from 160 UAH. for a standard document;

Interpreting (depending on language) - 700 UAH / hour;

All prices for services and translations in Kyiv here.

Quality of translation

Our translators have expertise on the subject of translation. To ensure quality translation always ready calculated editor.

Translation All-in-One

All kinds of documents: written, oral, technical, legal, medical.

Transfers from / to 58 languages ​​- European, Oriental and rare languages ​​of CIS countries.

Services linguists from the translation of the passport to the conference simultaneous translation, localization of websites, translations, audio and video.

We need an urgent translation? - Be ready to get your translation on the day of order!

Notarized translation, including passport and rare oriental languages.

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Yelena Goldman
Yelena Goldman

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

The help from Status Ko was very fast, high quality, friendly and with reasonably priced. I would kindly recommend turning to this agency

Olga Motorna
Olga Motorna

5 out of 5 stars

posted 7 months ago

Highly recommended, great quality, speed and excellent customer service! I have used the services of Status Ko to translate some online newspapers articles from Ukrainian into English. My order was urgent, and the company was able to accommodate it. Communication with the office was effective, with quick response time. The job was reasonably priced, performed to a high standard, and within a...

Dmytro Tymoshchenko
Dmytro Tymoshchenko

5 out of 5 stars

posted 8 months ago

A perfect place to hone your skills as the translator, responsive managers always ready to help you, good quality of service, so customers want work with the company and you receive a lot of jobs. Love working with them!

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When ordering translation of documents, submit the correct spelling:

personal data (name and surname); geographical names; data organizations and enterprises; other proper names. 

In the absence of this information, the transfer will be made on the interpreter's discretion, and the subsequent comments to the presentation of their own names are not considered.
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