Status Ko Translation Agency promptly provide you with interpreter services in Kiev:

  • Quick selection of a translator - a specialist for your particular theme;
  • Simultaneous interpretation (as in the UN Security Council meetings);
  • Consecutive interpreting for seminars, lectures and conferences.

from 400 UAH
per 1 hour

Services of a professional interpreter are very often required at such events as negotiations, seminars, presentations, business meetings, conferences and other.

In this case, the translation agency offers you to choose a translator by reference to all specific features of the upcoming event (format, thematic scope, number of participants, venue and other factors) that allows to achieve the best results.

Consecutive interpreting

Professional consecutive interpreting involves a temporary work symbiosis between a speaker and an interpreter. The speaker makes logical pauses in a speech allowing the interpreter to convey was has been said in another language. This type of interpreting is usually used at such events as negotiations, seminars, presentations, trainings, press-conferences and other events with a small number of participants.

How to order interpreting in Status Ko?

When placing an order, the experts of Status Ko will need full and detailed information about the upcoming event: its subject, format, number of participants, venue and other important factors. There are no minor details, because attention to details allows us to take into account all nuances of the future work and provide the Customer with an interpreter, who can cope with the task in the best possible way. Once an interpreter is selected, you’ll have an opportunity to discuss with him/her all the details, to express your wishes and discuss all aspects of his/her work at the event.

Due to the accumulated experience, we guarantee our customers a high quality of interpreting services (including translation) in virtually any subject area. In accordance with the principle of full transparency in relations with our customers, the prices for interpreting are published in the section Prices. All prices are accurate and truthful; we don’t have any hidden extra charges! The price list for all services in all our offices always corresponds to the values specified in the section Prices, given that during the provision of translation services Status Ko uses a unified services quality assurance and quality control system, as well as a unified pricing policy.

How to determine the cost of interpreting?

The cost of interpreting is settled by the hour. The charging system uses the principle of a minimum rate that is two hours. When an interpreter works away, the day of departure and the day of arrival are considered as one extra working day. In this case, all transportation, living and meal expenses of an interpreter shall be paid by the customer.

Price for interpreting services also includes time of an interpreter’s presence at the event and communication with the customer, starting from the moment of arrival “at the venue” until the end of interpreting (including lunch breaks, coffee breaks, etc.).

The detailed prices for our services are listed in the section Prices for translation.

Interpreting language Interpreting, UAH
Consecutive interpreting Simultaneous interpreting
English from UAH 400 from 1200
European languages from UAH 400 from 1200
Oriental and uncommon languages from UAH 400 not applicable
Languages of the CIS countries from UAH 200 from 1200

A nice specification in the pricing policy of Status Ko Translation Agency is an established flexible discount system: from 5% to 10% depending on the volume of the services provided. We also provide many other services. For example, the legalization in its various forms consular legalization or apostilization is very popular. Experts of the agency will perform all tasks at an acceptable price. Pay attention to the insurance services for foreigners. In addition, issue of international passports is the most indispensable service for those who travel abroad – we can do it quickly and reliably. We give a guarantee!

We also provide traditional linguistic professional translation services. Call us for more information on the cost of interpreting services. Employees of Status Ko Translation Agency will provide a competent advice on necessary matters!

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Ladies and gentlemen!

When ordering translation of documents, submit the correct spelling:

personal data (name and surname); geographical names; data organizations and enterprises; other proper names. 

In the absence of this information, the transfer will be made on the interpreter's discretion, and the subsequent comments to the presentation of their own names are not considered.
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