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legalization procedure involves the commission of a series of actions to make the document legal force on the territory of other states. The document, which was held this procedure can be provided in the official structures of another country.

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per 2 days

legalization procedure involves the commission of a series of actions to make the document legal force on the territory of other states. In the end, any document that went through this process, can be provided in the official structures of another country. The main purpose for which legalization is performed - this, of course, your peace of mind for the proper execution of official papers of a particular country.

Professional Translation Agency of the famous company Status Ko offers services on legalization of documents

We are ready to perform the following:

  • professional translation of all types of documents for further submission to the consulate;
  • notarization;
  • legal assistance;
  • filing to Ministries and Consulates.

What is legalization necessary for?

The fact is that official documents issued on the territory of Ukraine, such as certificates, permits, diplomas have no legal effect in other countries. When traveling abroad in order to get education, buy real estate, seek for employment, residence, conclude marriage to a citizen of another state or expand own business, the legalization of documents is required. By the way, you can order a full package of services in our company - even urgent international passport registration for yourself and all your friends. Documents will be available within the necessary time frame!

Features of the legalization of documents in Kiev

oday, there are two most common types of legalization; they are consular legalization and apostille. Consular legalization of documents (Kiev) is required when the country, for which the document is prepared, is not a Member State of the Hague Convention. Conversely, for Member States of the Hague Convention the legalization procedure is simplified as much as possible - in order to give effect to the document, it is enough to affix the apostille stamp to it. If the apostille for a document can be obtained quickly, the legalization for consulates consists of several stages:

  1. Notarization of the document (copy or original copy);
  2. If it is a notarized copy or any other notary document, it should be certified at the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine;
  3. Legalization of a document at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine;
  4. Legalization of documents at the consulate of the country where they will be submitted.

Which documents shall be legalized?

The Ministry of Justice of Ukraine. Documents issued by public or private notaries, courts, judicial authorities, as well as notarized copies and translations from other languages are legalized here.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. The following documents are legalized here:

  • Original copies of new documents issued by civil registration authorities. Before submission, their authenticity shall be validated by local administrations of justice.
  • Certificates delivered by authorities of the MIA, and other documents.

Warning! The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine does not legalize documents delivered in the territory of foreign countries. Such documents can be legalized in the consulate that delivered them.

The following can be legalized at consulates: documents of any type to be presented in foreign countries.

When the legalization is not required?

The legalization is not required when:

  1. The organization, to which the document shall be presented, does not require legalization;
  2. An agreement on the abolition of legalization has been signed between the country, in the territory of which the document is to be used, and Ukraine;
  3. The document shall not be legalized due to its nature.

What countries require consular legalization?

They are the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Palestine, Qatar, Costa Rica, China, Kuwait, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Sri Lanka, Canada, and Uruguay.

Remember that our Agency will gladly help you in any issues, provide expert advice and prepare all the necessary documents promptly. We will be glad to give you legalization-related advice.

The cost of the legalization of documents*

Service Terms of execution, working day Cost, UAH
for individuals for legal entities
Legalization in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine 3 500 800
Legalization in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine 9 700 1200
Verification of certificates of the Office of Vital Statistics in the Main Department of Justice 2/1 250/350 -
Legalization in embassies - 400
(consular fee)
(consular fee)
Making a duplicate document 2/1 400/500 from 400

*Documents that have been issued after August 24, 1991 shall be subject to re-issuance (duplicate).

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