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Translation of documents with notarization:

  • You already get a certified translation
  • qualified interpreter is confirmed by a notary
  • certified document receives a force in the country

from UAH 170
per 1800 characters

заверение перевода

Notarized translation is a kind of translation which is carried out by a certified translator and signed by a notary public. Such translation is required for validating the translation of the document.

Documents requiring a notarized translation can be divided into two groups:

Documents of individuals (identity documents, documents confirming their work history, education, and others.);

Documents of legal entities (statutory documents of enterprises, and all kinds of contracts, agreements, contracts, etc.).

The translation agency “Status Co.” will make a high-quality notarized translation of any document in a short term, at a reasonable price.

Procedure for notarized translation consists in the following:

Order notarized translation – translation of documents shall be carried out only by a certified specialist qualified as “Translator” according to the diploma. Philological education is not enough for the translator’s accreditation at the notary.

- The translator accredited at the particular notary shall confirm the compliance of the translation with the original document by their signature.

- Certified translation and the original document or a copy of the document shall be certified by the signature and the seal of the notary.

Such translation of the document has the same legal force as the original document, and can be provided to appropriate state authorities. Activities of notaries are fully controlled by the laws of Ukraine.

Why you need a notarized translation

Notarized translation of a document is most commonly required in the following situations:

Professional notarized translation at a translation agency

1. Submission of documents to public institutions (civil registry office, passport issuing office, tax service, migration service, military commissariat, police, etc.).

2. Using the documentation in foreign languages at the conclusion of various transactions, agreements, contracts, etc.

3. Submission of documents to certain consulates of foreign countries for the registration of entry visa.

At the Translation Agency “Status Co.” work only certified specialists and translators who are accredited at many notaries of our capital. The long-term and extensive experience of work with different types of documents and conscientious professional attitude to their duties ensure the best possible execution of notarized translation.

The Translation Agency “Status Co.” is at your disposal if you need a perfectly true and accurate translation of the document, properly drawn in accordance with regulatory requirements of language translation.

Cost of notarized translation and other services

Service Terms of execution, working day Cost, UAH
Certification of a copy 1 50
Certification of a translated document 1 110
Certification of a photocopy + translated document 1/2 110/130
Certification of statutory documents 2 110 + 10 (for the next page)
Notarial form in case of translation into Russian - 200
Certification by the stamp of the Translation Agency - 10
Notary translation in the presence of a translator - 250
Certification of a copy of internal/international passport (all pages) 1 250

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