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The stamp is placed on the apostille documents issued in the state bodies and services 127 mi of the participating countries of the Hague Agreement (signed by the majority of countries in 1961). Thus, among the many nations was simplified procedure for consular legalization of official documents.

from UAH 250
per 2 days*

By definition, apostille certifies the signature, the capacity of the person signed the document, and, where appropriate, the identity of the seal or the stamp on the document. In other words, at the state level confirmation of certain required elements of a particular package of official papers is carried out.

The presence of the apostille stamp on the document indicates that further legalization is not required, and the document will be valid on the territory of any Member State of the Hague Convention. That's really very easy to use once officially certified document in any of the 127 Member States of the Hague Convention and not to waste time on multiple repeated legalizations.

The cost of the documents apostille*

Service Terms of execution, working day Cost, UAH
for individuals for legal entities
Apostille Stamp in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine 2 250 300
Legalization in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine 3 250 300
Apostille Stamp in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine 2 250 330
Legalization in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine 5/2 250/350 500
Apostille Stamp in the Ministry of Education of Ukraine 30/20 (old type) 350/650 -
10/2 (new type) 350/650 -
1 день 1300 -
reception after 14:00 60 UAH / document -
Verification of certificates of the Office of Vital Statistics in the Main Department of Justice 2/1 250/350 -
Apostille Stamp on the judgement (regardless of the result) - 250 -
Submission of re-treatment - 100 -
Legalization in embassies - 300
(consular fee)
(consular fee)
Making a duplicate document 2/1 400/500 from 400

*Currently apostille term in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine up to 15 working days.

What documents shall be apostilled?

  • Documentation of judicial authorities;
  • Documentation of justice, executive and prosecutorial authorities;
  • Administrative documents;
  • Education documents, documents on assignment of academic titles;
  • Notary documents.

What documents shall not be apostilled?

  • Documents concerning customs and commercial operations;
  • Documents issued by diplomatic and foreign ministries of Ukraine;
  • Originals, copies, photocopies of passports, military cards, work books, weapons authorizations, technical certificates for vehicles, identity cards, regulations, personal correspondence.
  • Apostille may not be affixed in the territory of Ukraine to originals of official documents issued by the institutions of the former union republics within the USSR.

*Note: documents issued by offices of vital statistics (birth, death, marriage certificates, etc., archive certificates, extracts) should be legalized in regional administrations of justice of the region, where the office of vital statistics is located. Documents issued by the offices of vital statistics may be apostilled in the Ministry of Justice only after the legalization at regional administration of justice.

Who is authorized to affix apostille stamp to the documents?

The Ministry of Justice of Ukraine. Documents issued by courts, judicial authorities, executive agencies, as well as documents issued by private and public notaries are apostilled here.

The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. Documents delivered by educational institutions of all levels of accreditation, educational organizations and institutions are apostilled here.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. Documents issued by archives, certificates delivered by health facilities (sealed with the official stamp of the Public Health Administration), and certificates issued by bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine are apostilled here.

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