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Professional technical translation in Kiev:

  • Transfer of registration and position papers of enterprises and organizations.
  • Translation of commercial contracts and agreements.
  • Translation of notarial documents, powers of attorney.

from UAH 120
per 1800 characters


Technical translation is a translation of various texts of highly specialized subject matter; it requires not only excellent knowledge of foreign languages, but also the ability to navigate through complicated terminology. Technical translation is a task for highly qualified linguists. It is essential to address to highly qualified specialists in the case of translation of complicated specific texts of technical subject matter..

Translators of the translation agency “Status Co.” will perform the technical translation of any document at the highest level of quality, in a timely manner, and at a reasonable cost.

The translation agency “Status Co.” performs technical translation of the following texts:

  • Instructions and manuals.
  • Maintenance manuals.
  • Documentation and technical certificates for various types of equipment.
  • Computer technology and programming texts.
  • Patents, catalogs, brochures, product specifications.
  • Websites of narrowly technical subject matters.
  • Diagrams, data sheets, drawings in AutoCad and other formats. Special programs.
  • Scientific articles and works.
  • Tender documentation.

Technical documentation is distinguished by a strict formal structure, special format of presenting materials, and a large number of narrowly subject matter terminology. Used abbreviations and acronyms shall be accurately translated into another language, and a similar definition shall be properly selected in the target language. Therefore, the translation of texts of relevant subject matter shall be systematized.

Requirements for the technical translation professional:

  • Excellent knowledge of several foreign languages sufficient for understanding of the source text.
  • Ability to use the appropriate technical literature and translation tools.
  • Understanding the specific features of technical translation and special terminology.
  • Second higher technical education.

Заказать технический перевод документацииEmployees of the translation agency «Status Co.» comply with the stringent requirements for technical translation specialist, have extensive experience of work with the technical documentation, and considerable practice of cooperation not only with Ukrainian, but also with foreign partners and customers. Due to high professionalism, erudition and outstanding knowledge of our translators, we guarantee the excellent quality of technical translation!

Advantages of the cooperation with the Translation Agency “Status Co.”:

  • Translation of documents of any type
  • Impeccable reputation and recommendations of our customers in Ukraine and abroad
  • Undisputed professionalism and the highest quality of work
  • Wide range of services provided
  • 10-year experience in the field of translation
  • Knowledge of more than 60 foreign languages
  • The best certified specialists
  • Competitive level of the cost of services which leaves you pleasantly surprised.

Cost of technical translation

Cost of technical translation consists of the cost of translation of 1 page of general vocabulary, multiplied by the difficulty factor.


Index Document type
1,1 agreement, power of attorney, package of statutory documents
1,2-1,6 law, judgment, international treaty, document in criminology, scientific article
1,7 state document for international courts, claim to international institutions
1,8-2,0 double-editing
1,1 reference
1,3-1,5 handwritten document, discharge summary, user manual for equipment, patient records
1,6-1,7 scientific article, scientific research report
1,8-2,0 double-editing
1,1-1,3 user manual, general description of equipment
1,2-1,5 technical characteristics of sophisticated equipment, patent description, assembly diagram
1,5-1,9 scientific and technical text
1,8-2,0 double-editing
1,1-1,3 design documents description
1,2-1,5 гgovernment regulations for construction, construction specifications
1,5-1,9 design and assembly diagrams, detailed project documentation
1,8-2,0 double-editing

Our goal is to provide the highest quality services and meet the expectations of the customer, as the reputation and positive feedback are our highest award.

We are very meticulous about technical translations and translation of legal documents.

If you want to order a high-quality technical translation in Kiev please call us!

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