Professional translation services in Kiev:

  • Translation of registration and position papers of enterprises and organizations.
  • Translation of commercial contracts and agreements.
  • Translation of notarial documents, affidavits, powers of attorney.

from 190 UAH
per 1800 symbols

How to order and receive a translation in Kyiv

It is easy to get to us: our offices are situated at favorable locations, near Livoberezhna and Khreshchatyk Metro Stations and also in the building of the State Migration Service of Ukraine (Berezniakivska Str.).

To order a translation, contact us by telephone or other way

Make a 50% prepayment.

Within the agreed period, we'll inform you when the translation is ready.

Written translations: cost (prices)

The unit of translation measurement is one page (1800 characters with spaces).

Cost of complicated texts is charged including complexity index. Complicated (specialized) texts include legal, economic, medical, technical and literary texts.

Cost of our services is usually previously agreed. Status Ko provides the honest pricing policy to our customers. Within the process of work, no extra fees to the agreed cost are charged.

The detailed prices for our services are listed in the section "Translation Prices".

Target language Written translation, UAH
for a standard document* for 1 page of general lexis**
Written English 150 190
Written Russian 100 130
Written German 190 230
European languages from 150 from 190
Oriental and uncommon languages from 260 from 300

*Standard documents:

  • Certificate (birth or death certificates, marriage or divorce certificates, certificates of passport data change);
  • Certificate (of enrollment, employment, police clearance, from Housing and Utility Management Unit, State Migration Service);
  • Passport (internal or foreign); Driver license; military card; certificate of general secondary education, diploma (without supplement);
  • Cost of a stamp/seal translation makes 30–50% of a standard document cost

**General lexis texts: Business writing; Private letters

Written translations into/from 58 languages

Status Ko Translation Agency performs written translations from 58 most demanded languages: English, German, Russian, Italian, Chinese, Polish, languages of the CIS countries, Oriental and uncommon languages.

The full list of languages and prices is here.

Written translations from foreign languages: we are proficient in specificity

Professional written translations is a big responsibility for our specialists as important decisions of foreign authorities depend upon the translation quality, and these decisions should be in favor of Clients of Status Ko. Our translators carefully and scrupulously consider documents and requirements of foreign authorities to them. It is important to translate all details in a document with meticulous precision without missing a single letter! At the same time our specialists try to perform their work not only qualitatively but also efficiently, within the prescribed time limit. The established system of orders execution in our company will allow you to receive all the documents timely and properly.

The cost of written translations is here.

Call! (044) 391-25-50

Written translation of documents

Status Ko provides translation of the following documents: Birth or death certificates, marriage or divorce certificates, certificates of passport data change (surname, name, patronymic); Passport (internal or foreign); Different certificates (of enrollment, employment, police clearance); Driver license; Documents of secondary or higher education: diplomas (without supplements) and certificates of completed secondary education; Military cards.

Prices for translations depend on the target language, the price list is here.

Call! (044) 391-25-50

Certified translations

Status Ko provides translation of documents with notarial certification including translation in English.

Prices for notarial certification and other services are here.

Urgent translations in Kyiv

Do you need an urgent written translation? Status Ko Translation Agency will provide translation of documents for visa and notarial certification of an official document within 1 day.

Please note! The cost of urgent translation is charged at double rate.

Professional translation of general lexis texts

Status Ko Translation Agency works with general lexis texts, which include literary style texts. Literary translation has a unique feature. The translator must accurately recreate a certain atmosphere – artistic value of the text created by the author. One must have creative thinking, skill in speech and be able to communicate an idea in a beautiful style.

Status Ko will complete general lexis translation for you with pleasure: Literary read; Neutral publicist articles; Business writing; Supplements to diplomas; Websites.

Call! (044) 391-25-50

Written technical and medical translations

Status Ko also performs translation of complicated texts including legal, technical, medical, economic and financial documents. The standard legal set includes agreements and corporate charters, meeting minutes, abstracts from registers and all sorts of notarial documents. Medical documents include patient records, prescriptions and package inserts. Technical documents usually include engineering instructions, different devices characteristics.

To assure maximum quality in these cases, the linguist must be proficient in a specific theme appropriate to a particular profession. Translation of complicated texts is performed by specialists qualified in a particular industry. As a result we ensure high quality and efficiency.

Within the process of work, our specialist obligatory clarifies the following items: Spelling of abbreviations in the original text; Explanations of company and employee names; Corporate terms; Target audience information.

Call! (044) 391-25-50

Written translations and additional services: notarial certification and apostille

Status Ko Translation Agency also provides services of notarial certification and apostille.

Complete list of additional services is here.

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Sa, Sun - by agreement

Ladies and gentlemen!

When ordering translation of documents, submit the correct spelling:

personal data (name and surname); geographical names; data organizations and enterprises; other proper names. 

In the absence of this information, the transfer will be made on the interpreter's discretion, and the subsequent comments to the presentation of their own names are not considered.
Sincerely, administration of the  Translation Center "Status Ko"



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