Professional translation of audio and video in Kiev:

  • video clips and full movies of different genres;
  • Seminars, training programs, commercials, presentations;
  • records court records, interviews, songs, programs, lectures, audio books

from 190 UAH
per 1 minute

Перевод аудио и видеоTranslation of audio/video files is relatively new, but nevertheless, popular service which is in high demand in various fields. Those who need to translate an audio/video record at a high professional level are concerned about searching for appropriate specialists. The Translation Agency “Status Co.” has a significant experience in the field of qualified translations provides translation of audio and video materials into 58 languages.

Translation of Video Materials:

  • Clips and full-length movies of various genres;
  • Seminars and training programs;
  • Advertising clips;
  • Presentations;
  • Video tutorials and others.

Translation of Audio Materials:

  • Recordings of court proceedings;
  • Interview;
  • Songs and entertainment events;
  • Lectures and seminars;
  • Audiobooks;
  • Advertising clips and many others.

Translation from video or audio carriers is a complicated multi-step process, and only a team of specialists equipped with appropriate equipment is able to cope with it. Each work consists of several steps.

Translation from video or audio carriers

The first step includes the processing of materials supplied by the customer. Depending on the source quality, language, deadlines, translation subject matter, the overall estimate shall be established and provided to the customer.

The second step consists of the deciphering of materials in studio and transcription of audio track into a text file in the original language.

The third step involves translation into the language required by the customer.

One or two translators, a specialist in linguistics and an editor proof-reader work on the text.

The fourth and final step is the dubbing of materials at the sound recording studio. Subsequently, the recording shall be superimposed on the video or mounted for an audio clip.

Advantages of the translation of audio and video materials in the Translation Agency “Status Co.”:

1. Translation into 58 languages;

2. Teamwork of qualified language specialists: translator, linguist, proof-reader;

3. Cooperation with the production studio, where you can carry out deciphering and recording after the translation;

4. Responsive time frame.

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