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  • for the forum, conference, seminar
  • Translation of commercial contracts and agreements.
  • Translation "by ear", translated "sight" interpretation - reading, simultaneous translation in several languages

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Заказать синхронный переводAny large activities (forums, conferences or seminars) require special training and can not do without such an important component as simultaneous interpreting. Often it is necessary to translate into multiple languages at the same time, given the number of participants from different countries. At the same time, the speaker can report without pausing, upon the emphasis in their own self.

Simultaneous interpreting: what is this?

In the case of simultaneous interpreting it is very important not to miss the essence of the text, to correctly formulate proposals and to move simultaneously with the speaker. Only very experienced and skilled professionals can do it. The work is very difficult, it requires utmost accuracy at the translation of any word. In turn, the interpreter has to be focused on the speech, be attentive to the speaker’s intonation and well-informed about the current topic. The acceptation of the text by audience could depend on quality, emotional and informative content of the translation.

Kinds of simultaneous interpreting

There are three types of simultaneous interpreting. Translation “by ear” – the interpreter listens to the speaker, trying simultaneously to translate the text according to the key facts and dates, and its nature. Quite a difficult work.

The second type of simultaneous interpreting – “At sight” - allows the translator to work on the text provided in advance and to prepare. Сorrections and adjustments can be made in the process.

The third type of simultaneous interpreting consists in reading a prepared text in parallel with the speaker. The translator reads the report simultaneously with the speaker, while not forgetting to listen to the speech, and, as required, to process the information that was not previously included in the text. It shall be done if the speaker deviates from prepared draft.

The advantage of simultaneous interpreting is that it is delivered simultaneously with the speech. At this, the speaker is able to pay attention to certain points of the text and follow the audience response. Also, simultaneous interpreting significantly saves time of the event.

For many, the advantage of simultaneous interpretation consists in the ability to not only use it, but also listen to the speech delivered by the speaker in their native language. The person present has a choice, and if they do not need an interpreter, they can independently follow the topic of the report.

Another important aspect is that with the help of special equipment it is possible to interpret into several languages at the same time. This is very useful for large activities participated by delegations from different countries of the world.

In order to take a step in right direction and to organize simultaneous interpreting at any event, it is worth seeking assistance of true professionals. Employees of the Translation Agency (Kiev) “Status Co.” are experienced, skilled, oriented in various fields of knowledge. They will help you to solve not only the problem with the search for professional translators, but also with renting equipment and everything necessary for simultaneous interpreting. Our specialists will be happy to advise you on interesting questions. They will help you to identify a competent specialist.

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