Legal Translation

Заказать юридический перевод Киев

Legal Translation is a kind of translation of texts and documents relating to the legal field. Such texts are full of law and the right terminology, various clichés and idioms.

Types of legal translation:

  • Translation of registration and constituent documents of enterprises and organizations.
  • Translation of commercial contracts and agreements.
  • Translation of notarial documents, affidavits, powers of attorney.
  • Translation of legal documents (laws, regulations, decisions).
  • Translation of legal literature and articles.

Highly experienced translators of the Translation Agency “Status Co.” will properly deliver a professional translation of any document, regardless of its complexity.

The challenge of legal translation is that the source text is organized in accordance with a particular legal system, which is reflected in relevant terms and wordings, while the text translation will be used in a different legal system. Therefore, legal translation shall be done only by professionals. Full consistency of legal terminology of languages involved in the translation is essential, as well as the transfer of the main text without distorting the information. There is no margin for error here!

Legal Translation: All Particulars

Юридический перевод Киев

Requirements to the translator of legal documentation are quite high. The specialist performing a legal translation has often a law degree or sufficient experience of the work with the legal texts. It is important not only to know the legal terminology, but also be able to find counterparts in the system of law language, to know the specialties of the structure of official documentation. Experience, qualifications and skills of employees of the Translation Agency “Status Co.” completely comply with the requirements to the specialist performing legal translation.

 One of the key points is confirmation of authenticity. Legal translation often requires official confirmation. Sealing with the seal and signing by the signature of the translation agency employee, or authentication of the translation by a notary public may serve as a confirmation. These services are associated to legal translation, they are carried out by us, as well.

Order Legal Translation

The Translation Agency “Status Co.” ensures full compliance with the requirements and standards of legal translation. We value our reputation of responsible officers and cherish our customers, so we are interested in the performance of our work at the highest quality level. Seeking our assistance, every customer will be fully satisfied with the cooperation and the work performed by us.

Advantages of the cooperation with the Translation Agency “Status Co.”:

  • Translation of documents of any type
  • Impeccable reputation and recommendations of our customers in Ukraine and abroad
  • Undisputed professionalism and the highest quality of work
  • Wide range of services provided
  • 20-year experience in the field of translation
  • Knowledge of more than 60 foreign languages
  • The best certified specialists
  • Competitive level of the cost of services which leaves you pleasantly surprised.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality services and meet the expectations of the customer, as the reputation and positive feedback are our highest award. 


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