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In embassies of some countries, you will necessarily need an accredited translation if you want to translate official documents. It was given this name because it shall be performed by a qualified, certified translator, who obtained the accreditation at a particular country’s embassy.

Accredited translator provides translation services at a particular country's embassy located on the territory of another state, so they should perform it efficiently and correctly, observing all standards and regulations in force for the country that entrusted them with the job. Translators shall be selected according to strict criteria. A translator accredited at a particular country’s embassy shall have the required qualification proof, e.g. a relevant education certificate.

Not every country requires accredited translation of documents. In Ukraine, accredited translation can be performed only at the embassies of Italy and Spain. Let us analyze the procedure for obtaining an accredited translation, using the example of the two embassies.

How shall be performed an accredited translation?

аккредитованный перевод

The accredited translation procedure for Italy and Spain includes:

Affixing an apostille to the document;

Translation of the document by an accredited translator;

Affixing the consulate seal to the document

The consulate seal of a foreign country confirms the accuracy of the translation signed by an accredited translator. It acts as a guarantor that the document is legal and in full legal force in the territory of a foreign state.

The accredited translation procedure for Italy and Spain can be performed in another way:

Affixing an apostille to the document;

Translation of the document;

The procedure is completed by affixing the second apostille as a confirmation.

In this case, the consulate seal is not necessary. Both kinds of accredited translation – double apostille and sealed apostille – have legitimate grounds. The embassy, at which the documents shall be submitted, always specifies which procedure shall be chosen.

Legal or sworn translator

Embassies of France and the Czech Republic in Ukraine do not require accredited translation. They use services of legal or sworn translator. Sworn translator is a specialist authorized by competent authority for the translation of legal documents.

Procedure for the translation of documents at Embassies of France and the Czech Republic:

- Affixing an apostille to the document;

- Translation of the document by a sworn translator at the embassy;

in this case certification of the translated document with a consulate seal is not required.

Double apostille

The so-called double apostille affixed to notarized translation is used at embassies without accredited translators,

- first apostille;

- notarized translation;

- second apostille.

Drawing up translations

At the embassies of most nations, one apostille is quite enough. The legalisation and apostille affixing peculiarities which vary from country to country consist in the necessity of affixing the consulate seal as confirmation, affixing of one apostille or double apostille. Specific requirements for the translation shall be, of course, always specified in advance – before supplying documents.

Professionals from the Translation Agency “Status Co.” will be pleased to complete procedures for accredited translation for you. To order an accredited translation and get translated documents please contact us: we will help you! Specialists of our Agency also render the following popular services: registration of international passports, insurance for foreigners, execution of invitations to foreign nationals, legalization and other services.

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