Accompanying the alien a professional translator:

  • qualitative interpretation
  • meeting at the airport, assistance in settling in Gothel, assistance in dealing with organizational matters
  • experienced and sociable staff

from UAH 400
per hour

В Украине сопровождение иностранцев

In Ukraine, accompaniment of foreigners is one of the most popular services among translators and linguists. This service is provided in order to overcome the language barrier by the foreign guest. The key point of the service is that the translator will be for a while a “guiding star” for the foreign guest in all the places visited by them, providing, of course, interpreting into their native language.

Interpreting at the accompaniment of foreigners (including, if necessary, translation) not only includes mediation at business meetings, negotiations or conferences in order to help parties to understand each other, but also promotes communication of the foreign guest with the environment.

The services of the Agency include, among others, such popular services as executing the residence permit in Ukraine, executing invitations to foreign nationals, professional legalization of documents of various kinds, obtaining duplicate documents. We can see thus the whole complex of problems facing every foreigner, and, most importantly, solutions of each of them. That is why the Translation Agency “Status Co.” is the best choice for your guests and partners!

The list of services included into the notion of “accompaniment of foreigners” consists of the following important events and measures that shall be obligatory rendered by professionals of the Translation Agency “Status Co.”:

Meeting the guest at the airport;

Assistance at the hotel or at the hostel for settling;

Assistance at the city tours;

Assistance in search for an entertainment, a place of work or a venue for event;

Other professional translation services related to linguistic support for foreign guests.

Let us note that all over Kiev and Ukraine our prices for translation are below average. But the quality of our services is always excellent, as our linguists have been worked for many years in the company, and know their job very well!

Accompaniment of Foreigners Kiev

Translator’s task in the case of accompaniment of a foreigner is always of more lively nature than in the case of interpreting at business meetings. The translator shall not do their best and try to literally convey the essence of the conversation to the environment, unlike business events. It is enough to convey the main idea of interlocutor’s speech, and communicate with the foreign guest. Such qualities as openness, sociability and friendliness are the more important.

Independent professional translation agency “Status Ko” enjoys impeccable reputation. We provide services in the accompaniment of foreign citizens at the highest level. Your foreign guests will be under the special care of our experienced and sociable employee. We also recommend you to familiarize yourself with the service “insurance for foreigners”.

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