Language of translation Prices for Writing Translation, UAH
Standard document
for the document *
Simple topics
per page **
omplicated topics,
for 1 page ***
English, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, Ukrainian, French 120 160 min 240
Belarusian, Bulgarian, Greek, Polish, Slovenian, Slovak, Serbian, Czech, Croatian 180 220 min 330
Azerbaijani, Arabic, Armenian, Georgian, Hebrew, Portuguese, Romanian, Turkish, Hungarian 220 260 min 390
Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Korean, Chinese, Latvian, Lithuanian, Persian (Farsi), Tajik, Turkmen, Estonian, Uzbek, Hindi, Japanese 350 390 min 585
Albanian, Vietnamese, Dari, Danish, Dutch, Indonesian, Macedonian, Malay, Catalan, Norwegian, Finnish, Swedish 450 500 min 650



* Standard documents are: certificates (birth, death, marriage, divorce, change of surname, first name, middle name), certificate (about the lack of judgments, from the place of work, from the housing and communal services, from the educational institution, to the LCS) passports (internal, foreign) driver's license; military ID; certificates, diplomas (without appendices), and other documents for the translation of which templates are used.

** Documents of simple subjects are documents that do not require special knowledge in their field. For example: business and personal correspondence, CVs, questionnaires, questionnaires. The texts do not contain complex terminology and have a common form of design and content.

*** Documents of complex subjects are legal, medical, economic, technical, educational texts and documents requiring deep knowledge in their field. For example: instructions for medical products, instructions for the operation of equipment, history of the disease, drawings and schemes, scientific articles, journalism. The texts are full of complex terminology, they are translated by a translator with professional qualifications in the relevant field (jurisprudence, medicine, construction, science, IT, programming, finance, education, etc.).


  • The unit of measurement of the volume of translation is the translation page. The translation page consists of 235 words or 1800 characters, taking into account spaces.
  • The translation includes: proofreading, editing by specialist in subjects, formatting, terminology work
  • Urgent translation (between the time of the translation order and the time it is ready for less than 2 business days) - a double tariff (the volume of 8 pages is negotiated with each client individually).
  • Over-the-counter translation order with acceptance of the order from 20:00 and execution till 10:00 - triple tariff.
  • Translation of the handwritten text - the coefficient 1.2 is added from the translation cost.
  • Weekend and holidays, 100% markup



working day

Cost, UAH
Accredited translation at the Italian Embassy 2-3 days min 400
Accredited translation at the Embassy of France 2-3 days min 350
Accredited translation at the Embassy of the Czech Republic 2-3 days min 500


Послуга Terms of execution, working day Cost, UAH
Copy certification 1 100
Certificate of translation 1 130
Photocopy + translation certification 1 150
Certification of statutory documents 2 1-5 pages / 6th and subsequent
150 / 10
Certificate of the seal of the translation agency - 50
Verification of translation in the presence of an interpreter (translator's output) - 400
Confirmation of a copy of the internal / external passport (all pages) 1 450


The "Status Ko" Translation Bureau has developed a flexible system of discounts (from 5% to 10%), depending on the volume of services rendered.

The Bureau of Translations "Status Ko" works only on prepayment.

Before the beginning of the work, you need to pay 50% of the cost of services. Legal entities require a copy of the letter of guarantee in any form.

Comparing our prices for translation with other translation agencies in Kyiv, you, dear Customers, will immediately notice that the prices of the Bureau of Translations "Status Ko" are lower than the average.

The cost of the translation can be paid as follows:

1. Money transfers: Western Union (Western Union), MoneyGram (Manigrem), PrivatMoney (Privatmani).

2. Replenishment of the card in any branch of "PrivatBank".

3. Payment by cashless payment in accordance with the invoice provided.

4. Cash payment in one of the offices of the Bureau of Translations "Status Ko".

We hope that our prices for translation will suit you well.

It should be noted that in the case of bulk translations possible discount discounts - call us today.

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