If you want to attract attention of foreign customers — do so that they understand everything that is written on your website. And this can be achieved through professional translation and localization.

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Do you want your website to be No.1 in the international market?

Localize it to all regions of the world

Apple The Internet is a universal platform for starting your own business, because it is here where people look for and buy various goods and services. A good website is the key to attracting customer’s attention to your product. However, to make your web page interesting to as many people as possible, you need to perform high-quality localization.

Every day we spend an average of 6 hours on the global Internet network trying to find out new information about this or that event or person, learn the latest world news and trends, buy some necessary thing, or just review another funny video on YouTube.

Large corporations have long understood this simple paradigm. Go to the official websites of Sony or Apple. On their home pages, you can easily choose your region and the language you speak. It is convenient, practical, and creates a certain sense of care for customers.

And do you think, would the world social network Facebook have gained such popularity if it had no language settings? No. One of the keys to its success is multilingualism. You just choose your native language in the settings, and this social platform immediately becomes understandable, interesting and friendly.

The main idea is quite clear: if you want to attract attention of foreign customers — do so that they understand everything that is written on your website. And this can be achieved through professional translation and localization.

It is also worth noting that today the translation and localization of websites in Ukraine have an advantage over analogous services in other countries. We have skilled translators with excellent language skills, a large number of IT specialists, and, importantly, the cost of localization services in our country is much lower than in other European countries.

Translation and localization. The same things?

Traslationlocalization2 No. Localization is a time-consuming process, part of which is the translation of text files of a web page. Localization also implies adaptation of the website to a certain region, in order to make customers in this region feel more comfortable looking through its pages.

For example, a Ukrainian user will turn his/her attention to your site if he/she sees a wheat field and the blue sky or the flag of Ukraine on the home page. For an Englishman, the element that attracts attention may turn out to be Big Ben. For Japanese it will be a samurai. For an American it is the Statue of Liberty. These are all small details, the main task of which is to attract people from different regions of the world. In order to work, they must be properly distributed on the site.

And do not forget about the style. Professional localizers always try to make fonts and design of the words of the adapted page coincide with the original one.

Let's sum up a little: competent localization means not only translation, but also paying attention to certain details that can attract your potential customer.

What does the translation of a website consist of?

Like any process, the localization of Internet pages consists of several stages:

Translation of texts

Translators and editors process all text files of web pages, and adapt them for more lively and easy perception. It is important to correctly convey all the verbal phrases and phraseological units, so that visitors to your site do not have to re-read the same text several times. Also, localizers should pay attention to hidden modules or forms that can appear during manipulations on the site. They also need to be translated and adapted.

Optimization of web pages

This stage implies orientation to a certain region. During optimization, it is checked that all word-combinations and phrases have the same meanings, both in the original and in the localized version.


Programmers and web designers are responsible for this process. Their task is to correctly enter the entire text translation in html, and to give it a view corresponding to the original. For example, the average length of words in different languages is quite different. Thus, in the Russian language, it is 7.2 characters per word, in American English — 5.2, and in Japanese — 10.8. In order for the localized version of your website to look perfect, it must be additionally made up.


You cannot do without this process. Testers check that every module, every text, and every file has been translated, and, most importantly, is understandable to an ordinary user. During this stage, all the shortcomings and inaccuracies are eliminated, after which your website can be safely released to the Internet.

As you can see, the localization process unites specialists from different fields of activity: translators, editors, programmers, web designers and testers. If necessary, some companies even involve native speakers to work, so that they could also recheck all the details of the translated material.

The localization of a website cannot be compared with the localization of video or mobile games and applications. In this case, the main task of localizers is to correctly convey the text, not missing the main essence. And although this process does not imply translation of many hours of gameplay and dubbing of characters, it also requires special concentration and attention.

If you want your website to be localized in a quality and professional manner, do not hire novice translators and programmers. It is better to immediately contact experienced professionals. Tester

We know how to correctly present your website in the world market

Status Ko is a company that has been engaged in translation and localization of programs, applications, games and websites for more than 20 years. The specialists of Status Ko have rich experience in technical and literary translations, so they know how to properly adapt a text in order to clearly and accurately convey the basic information to the customer or the user of the website. During its professional activity, Status Ko has worked with such large international companies as Samsung and Vodafone.

Approaching our company, you receive:

  • A team of highly qualified translators who can translate your site into 58 languages, as well as editors, programmers and web designers who will help to adapt this translation.
  • Professional equipment, thanks to which you can quickly and easily localize your website, and adapt it to a specific region.
  • The opportunity to realize even the most extraordinary ideas. We like non-trivial and complex tasks, which rouse interest in us.
  • Responsible approach and attention to details. We listen to all your remarks and wishes, and are ready to work on localizing your project every day before its entry into the market.

There's no need to look for localizers in another country or in different regions of Ukraine. Our company is located in Kyiv. We are always ready to listen to your wishes and offer our services. For us, there are no impossible tasks, so if you entrust us with the localization of your website, we will execute it at the highest level!

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