We will help you to perform high-quality localization of your product in the global or Ukrainian market. Do you want your application to be included in the TOP of App Store and Play Market? Go ahead! Adapt it to the global market, and we will help you.


Do you want your application to be included in the TOP of App Store and Play Market?

Competent localization of mobile games and applications

The world has been flooded with mobile devices and gadgets. Today, every person has a smartphone, tablet, smartwatch and even a smart TV. These devices are convenient and practical, and open vast opportunities for understanding the world and accessing new information.

However, these gadgets are useless without mobile applications — those same programs and games, which each of us pays so much attention and time to, when once again decides “to look for a minute” into the phone or tablet. Mobile applications occupy a significant part of the market for modern technologies, and every year it continues to grow.

According to the analytical company App Annie, the total revenue from applications in 2021 will be 6.3 trillion US Dollars, and the number of users will grow to 6.3 billion people. For comparison, in 2016 the number of people using mobile applications was 1.3 billion, and the total revenue from them was 1.18 trillion US Dollars.

If you plan to launch your company in the near future to produce mobile applications, do not lay this initiative on the shelf. And high-quality localization will help your game or program win a huge audience of iPhone users and those who use mobile devices on the Android platform.

The main mistake of developers or the nightmare of localizers

Traslationlocalization1 When creating a product, developers focus on the software code, while the localization is left until better days. But when the product is ready for launch, there is very little time left for high-quality localization. As a result, the text of the application and even its description has errors, typos and inaccuracies in the formulation of sentences.

Description is the first thing that the user pays attention to before downloading an application. If the description is localized with poor quality, it will scare off potential customers from your product. The same happens to the texts in the application itself.

Go to the App Store or Play Market and try to read descriptions for games and applications in the category Gaining Popularity. We assure that you will find typos and errors in every 5th description. Would you like to download such a program? Definitely not!

Games and programs for mobile devices are not large-scale AAA game projects, the localization of which includes translation of huge text fragments, as well as work of actors for the voice-over of characters. In most cases, their localization is reduced to a simple translation of all text files within the program, as well as giving them the appropriate design.

One of the main reasons for the popularity of most applications is that they are localized in several languages, so that they can reach larger audience. Therefore, novice developers should think about how to localize their product in an easy and quality manner.

If you start creating your mobile application from scratch, immediately engage localizers to this business, so that you can jointly prepare a high-quality translation of program texts.

Valuable tips for translating mobile applications

Localization is a thorough process that requires special attention and diligence. In fact, localization is similar to the process of creating a program — one error in the code can spoil the main picture, and the program simply will not work. Therefore, in order to perform high-quality localization of an application, note the following rules:

1. Carry out localization in at least 10 languages.

You may think that Russian, Ukrainian and English are enough to launch an application in the market, but think about how it will be pleasant for Japanese, Chinese, Koreans, Germans, French, Spaniards and other nationalities to get to know your product in their native languages? This will significantly expand the audience of your users, as well as provide good earnings in the global market.

2. Create a glossary.

It will comprise common terms that are found in your program or game. Thus, translators will not come up with their own “explanations” for particular abbreviations or terms, and users will not be confused in a huge number of different meanings.

3. Contact professional translators.

This may sound trite, but it's a forced measure. If you want your program to be read naturally in other countries contact real experts. They have been engaged in translations for many years and have all the necessary knowledge.

4. Proofread and check the text several times.

During the proofreading of the text, it is necessary to get rid of complex turns and unnecessary particles, thereby making the text easy for users to perceive. This task falls on the shoulders of a responsible and conscientious editor.

5. Review the application by yourself.

And let it be done by all the other people taking part in its development and localization. If some part of the text is perceived with difficulty or is not perceived at all, you or someone from your team will immediately notice that.

6. Test.

While testing your game or program, you can detect any inconsistencies in the code or problems in the localization, which can be almost immediately eliminated. Test your product several times, and when you are completely sure in its quality, release it to the global market.

Status Ko will teach your application to speak several languages

Do you want to make localization at the highest level? Contact the professionals from Status Ko Translation Agency. The company is engaged in translation of websites, as well as various software, for more than 20 years. Among our regular customers you can find such corporations as Samsung and Vodafone. Specialists of the company will teach your application to speak several languages of the world.

Status Ko guarantees:

  • Professional translation. Our specialists speak more than 60 languages, including Japanese and Chinese.
  • Responsibility. We are ready to work on the localization of your project 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Attention to details. We meet your requirements.
  • Technical support. We have at our disposal all the necessary equipment, which allows for a high-quality translation.
  • Creative solutions. If you plan to implement a non-standard project, our team is always ready to help you in this business. We are not afraid of difficulties, and we always fulfill all obligations to our clients.

We will help you to perform high-quality localization of your product in the global or Ukrainian market. Do you want your application to be included in the TOP of App Store and Play Market? Go ahead! Adapt it to the global market, and we will help you.

With Status Ko you simultaneously receive translators, web designers, testers, programmers and editors, for whom there are no impossible tasks!

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