Легализация EN

Inexpensive legalization of documents (Kiev, Ukraine)

legalization procedure involves the commission of a series of actions to make the document legal force on the territory of other states. The document, which was held this procedure can be provided in the official structures of another country.

from UAH 250
per 3 days

Obtain apostille (Kiev)

The stamp is placed on the apostille documents issued in the state bodies and services 127 mi of the participating countries of the Hague Agreement (signed by the majority of countries in 1961). Thus, among the many nations was simplified procedure for consular legalization of official documents.

from UAH 250
per 2 days*

Double Apostille

Apostille - a special stamp which is placed on the official documents for the future of the place demands abroad. Apostille simplifies the procedure of legalization of documents in 127 countries that have signed the Hague Agreement of 1961. Stamping apostille has its own characteristics. In some cases double apostilling procedure is performed.


Nostrification of documents

To foreign documents on education were adopted on the territory of Ukraine for further employment or continuing training necessary to perform the procedure of nostrification.

from UAH 3650
per 80 days