To foreign documents on education were adopted on the territory of Ukraine for further employment or continuing training necessary to perform the procedure of nostrification.

from UAH 3650
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нострификация документовNostrification of documents In order to accept educational certificates in the territory of Ukraine for further employment or study, it is necessary to perform the procedure of nostrification. That is to establish the conformity of academic and professional rights and qualification levels of all foreign documents confirming a particular level of your education (or qualification) according to state standards of Ukraine.

What does nostrification procedure consist of

  1. Mandatory validation of authenticity. Nostrification proceedure is intended to establish the authenticity of educational documents of the foreigner submitted in our state. In other words, they confirm the fact of your study in a particular university, and of course, the fact of obtaining a relevant legal educational document. It is quite difficult to get a high-paying job, and all the more impossible to occupy public office without such authorization. To confirm the authenticity of your documents, they can be affixed with the apostille stamp or undergo consular legalization for the submission. With the said marking, the documents do not need verification of the fact of their issue. Thus, the procedure for recognition of educational certificates itself is significantly accelerated and simplified.
  2. Verification of the accreditation of the university at the official level. This procedure is mandatory: as it is necessary to register international passports in order to cross the border, similarly, a higher educational institution must have an appropriate level of accreditation, which is confirmed by the certificate on the state accreditation of the university or by the license. In the latter case, the license shall be valid at the time of issuance of an educational certificate.
  3. Establishing the actual level of qualification. In this case, programs of Ukrainian universities shall be compared with the programs of your educational institution according to the specialty in the certificate. Structure, volume and quality of knowledge must meet the established standards in a foreign country. Therefore, it is necessary to compare courses in your educational institution, studied subjects and disciplines, as well as requirements to the evaluation of the results achieved in the proposed educational program. If the necessary specialty does not exist in Ukraine, the most suitable of existing programs in your specialty will be chosen for you.

Professionals of Status Ko Translation Agency will gladly perform nostrification of your educational documents at the highest level of quality and within due terms.

Please download the list of necessary documents here.

Term of execution Price, UAH
80 working days 3650
40 working days 4700
20 working days 5200
5 working days 6500

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