Double Apostille

Double apostille is a stamp that is affixed to the original copies of various documents and notarized translations of these documents. Double apostille is required when the documents are prepared for the submission in the following countries: Switzerland, Portugal, France, Belgium, Norway, Holland, Denmark, Austria, Belgium, Great Britain, Italy.

The procedure for obtaining consists, first of all, of affixing the apostille stamp to original copies of documents with their qualified translation, notarization, and affixing the second apostille stamp to the notarized translation of documents.

Details on obtaining double apostille

1. First of all, you have to contact the embassy of the country, for which you prepare your documents, and to clarify the need for double apostille. Only after that the document shall be submitted to the relevant authorities for affixing the apostille stamp. The apostille stamp is primarily affixed to the original copy of the document because its presence shall be reflected in further translation.

2. Then, the documents shall be submitted for translation to the Translation Bureau, where qualified specialists are employed.

3. The translated document shall be mandatory notarized by public or private notary. Translation of such documents as certificates delivered by the Office of Vital Statistics, diplomas, etc. shall be filed to notarized copies, not to original copies. Translation of temporary documents (certificates, applications) shall be filed to original copies.

4. Translated and notarized copies of documents shall be submitted to the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine for affixing the second apostille.

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