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Determination of an amount of languages in the world is a considerable difficult task. For example, the French Academy of Sciences asserts that there are 2796 languages in the world. According to many philological institutions, this figure ranges from three to six thousand. And it is not that someone miscounts: many languages are very similar to each other, so they can be considered as different dialects of one language. You must admit that however many languages there are - 3000 or 6000, it is an impossible task to learn even 1% of them!

However, the modern pace and level of life often demand to travel abroad: work, school, leisure, tourist travel need necessary translation services. The business people often need to translate the documents into the language, which is known by even a few people, and sometimes the people are unaware of its existence. It is an explainable phenomenon subject to the existence of many languages ​​in the world! There are only about forty most popular and commonly used languages! The usual person knows only one or two foreign languages.

All existing languages of the world are unique, have a lot of differences and peculiarities. Some of them use in writing the Latin or Cyrillic alphabet, and other use hieroglyphic symbols and ornamental script. Oral pronunciation of all languages is also completely different and unique. There are languages that have the same spelling and pronunciation, and there are those languages that require very careful study and preparation. It is not surprising that the translation into any other languages of the world (except the most common languages) is more in demand among the linguists.

The common travelers or tourists need the translation services mainly for the translation of documents into the relevant language: if a tourist asks for a cup of coffee and uses a phrase book, it is absolutely no surprise. The man, who had come to a foreign country to conduct negotiations, urgently needs the translation services! During the business meeting, when it comes to multi-thousand and multi-million deals, there is no time to use a phrase book. During your stay in a foreign country, the translator will become not only a friend, but also one of those people with whom you can talk away from home in their native language.

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