перевод на украинский язык

украинский костюм

Ukraine is one of the most beautiful and resource-rich country located in Eastern Europe. What’s interesting is that Ukrainian language is Eastern European language but geographical center of Europe is located in Ukraine! Today, Ukraine is an independent country which moved out of Soviet Union (USSR) in 1991. Ukrainian is an official language in a country. More than 50 million people speak Ukrainian all around the world.

Except the territory of Ukraine this language is also used by Belarusians, Hungarians, Polacks and other nationalities. But there is one interesting peculiarity, according to different data 60% up to 80% of population speak Russian. The so called “surzhik”, a mix of Ukrainian and Russian is quite popular in many locations of Ukraine. 

Ukraine is not only resource-rich country but there are also rich cultural background and traditions. Special attention must be paid to energetic Ukrainian dances, folk music, rich literature and poetry. Ukrainian sports achievements are also world-known: the country hosted the 2012 UEFA European Championship, one of the best football players of the world is Andriy Shevchenko, the most famous boxers are Klitschko brothers who are Ukrainians, pole-vaulter Sergey Bubka is multiple Olympic champion in his kind of sport. 

Every language is unique, every language has its own historic background and life atmosphere, it brings its culture.  

However, regardless of the fact that there are many similarities between Russian, Slovak, Belorussian, Polish, Ukrainian language has its own unique features. As a result, the linguist who knows Russian perfectly will hardly execute the translation into Ukrainian even if he has been staying in Ukraine for a long time.                    

Nowadays, Ukrainian language is harmonious, beautiful, literary language. But orthography was divided into several unorganized systems till XIX century. Nowadays there are clear regulations in Ukrainian orthography. There are a few dialects in modern Ukrainian language. These are: south-eastern, south-western, north-eastern, north-western. These dialects have its characteristic differences which must be considered in the process of translation from or into Ukrainian. This is one more reason you have to order the professional translation into Ukrainian (or from Ukrainian).   


One more interesting peculiarity of Ukrainian language is the presence of pluperfect tense, there is no such a tense in Russian. The positive peculiarity of translation lies in close pronouncing of Ukrainian and Russian and also the similar Cyrillic script used in writing. Anyway, all the details will be took into consideration by specialists of Status Ko Translation agency as Ukrainian is our native language!  

Ukrainian translation services cost from/into
Translations of standard document UAH 120
0Text of general lexis UAH 160
Text of specialized lexis min. UAH 240
Interpretation min. UAH 700 per hour
Notarial certification of translation / Certification of a photocopy + translation UAH 130 
Certification by seal of the Translation Agency UAH 50 

Please note: minimal order of interpreting is two hours. In the price of written translation are included: typing, printing of one copy and electronic copy of the translation. The instant translation is paid double. 

Status Ko translation agency is ready to provide the services from/into Ukrainian language: interpreting and written translation, legal, medical, technical, literary or any other translation of any content and complexity. Contact our specialists and they will help you to overcome the language barrier!   

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