Translation into Slovak

перевод на словатский язык

португальский костюм

Slovak is the official state language of the Slovak Republic. Slovak (as well as Czech) belongs to the West Slavic group of Indo-European languages. Slovak and Czech are similar languages, so citizens of both countries can easily understand each other. The Slovak language is used both by indigenous citizens of Slovakia and the Slovak diaspora of Hungary, Yugoslavia and Poland. Six million people speak Slovak. Taking into consideration complexity and peculiarities of the language, it is better to entrust translation into Slovak to a professional and experienced linguist. Only in this way it is possible to prevent misunderstandings and inaccuracies within the process of interpreting and execution of documents.

The fact is that even though Slovakia is a country with a small territory, there are twenty nine dialects of Slovak in the world, which are divided into eight groups. The Slovak writing system is based on the Latin script and additional diacritics. The interesting fact is that eastern dialects of the Slovak language are similar to Ukrainian and south-western dialects are similar to Czech. The literary language of Slovakia was formed on the basis of western Slovak sub-dialects and dialects in the late nineteenth century. Modern standard Slovak is based upon Middle Slovak dialects.

Translation into Slovak will be qualitative only if all these details are observed by linguists. Appealing to Status Ko Translation Agency you can always be sure in professional approach to translations. In addition, our prices are quite reasonable. 

Slovak translation services costs from/into
Translations of standard document UAH 180
Text of general lexis UAH 220 
Text of specialized lexis min. UAH 330
Interpretation min. UAH 800 per hour
Notarial certification of translation / Certification of a photocopy + translation UAH 130 
Certification by seal of the Translation Agency UAH 50

Please note: the minimal order of interpreting is two hours. The cost of translation includes: typing, printing of one copy and electronic copy of the translation. The cost of urgent translation is charged at double rate.


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