Translation into Croatian

perevod na horvatskiy yazyk

хорватский костюм

Croatian (Serbo-Croatian, Serbian) belongs to the Indo-European language group. It is the part of the group of Slavic language family. It is an official language of Croatia and Bosnia and also it was the official language of ex-Yugoslavia. More than 16.5 million people speak Croatian. There were many transformations in Croatian during history of its evolution. As a result the translation into Croatian requires not only writing knowledge but deep understanding of the culture and phonetics of the speech.

Literary Croatian language is represented by two variants: on Croatian and Serbian. The literary variant on Croatian is widespread in Croatia and Serbian – on the territory of Bosnia and Serbia. There are some differences that, touches the peculiarities of pronunciation and lexis – practically in Croatian literature there is no internationalism, from explaining of such concept Croatian use lexemes which are grounded in Slavic roots. In Croatian and Bosnia use Latin graphics and in ex-Yugoslavia used Slavic.

Literary Croatian language was formed in the first half of the XIX century. National Shtokavian dialect was the base for this language. The Serbian reformer and literature character Vuk Karadzic played the main part in this forming. His activity began in 1813 in Vienna, where his linguistic skills were recognized for the first time. Right here Karadzic met with then-famous national Slovenian man, home de lettres, Kopitar.

He appreciated the linguistic feeling and also the deep knowledge of Croatian fork culture. In the same year Karadzic started regeneration of the Serbian alphabet with direct support and under the direction of Kopitar. He excluded 18 excessive, in his view, letters and invented 6 new ones for reproducing such sounds for which there were no letters in the old alphabet. The new alphabet displays the phonetic system of Croatian language – much better that other graphic systems in that-modern Europe. In some way the genial linguist even simplified the translation into Croatian having made the writing system easier to understand. At the same time only professional translators can keep in mind all the nuances of the translation. Contact the translation agency “Status Ko” and we will perform the high-quality translation into/from Croatian for You at affordable price. 

Russian translation services costs from/into
Translations of standard document UAH 180
Text of general lexis UAH 220 
Text of specialized lexis min. UAH 330
Interpretation min. UAH 800 per hour
Notarial certification of translation / Certification of a photocopy + translation UAH 130 
Certification by seal of the Translation Agency UAH 50 

Please note: minimal order of interpreting is two hours. In the price of written translation are included: typing, printing of one copy and electronic copy of the translation. The instant translation is paid double.


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