Translation into Polish

перевод на польский язык

польский костюм

Poland is a Central European country, which is the member of NATO and the European Union and is a part of the Schengen Area. Polish is both spoken and written language of Poland and belongs to one of the oldest languages of the world. Polish is the native language for about forty million residents of Poland. And about ten million people living in other countries consider Polish as the second native language or use Polish in everyday life.

Poland is a very interesting and beautiful country with an ancient history and culture. A lot of people visit this country to explore the unique culture of its ancient cities. One of the most beloved tourist destinations is the city of Krakow. The amazing combination of contemporary architectural buildings, medieval-era cathedrals and the most ancient castle of the Renaissance era will allow nobody to stay indifferent! Warszawa, Lublin and Poznan are no less beautiful and attractive cities for tourists. One of the principal natural wonders of this country is Bialowieza Forest glorified even in Russian songs. Poland is rich in modern fully-equipped resorts, and the climate of this country only contributes to the development of the resort sphere. Wonderful Polish cuisine would be a delightful addition to the fascinating rest in this country. The dishes are characterized by the ease of preparation and therewith are very tasty and filling.

Poland is a multi-ethnic country although the majority of the population is native-born Poles. Polish has only four dialects: the Greater Polish, the Lesser Polish, the Masovian and the Silesian. In the medieval period the clergy developed the Polish language and as a result a lot of words of Latin and Czech origin appeared in the Polish vocabulary. The modern Polish language was finally formed in the 16th century. The language has 32 letters, six of which are pure vowels and two – nasal vowels. For translation of documents or interpreting into Polish (as well as from Polish), it is recommended to apply only to professionals. In spite of the linguistic affinity of the Polish, Ukrainian and Belarusian languages, sometimes it is hard to understand Poles or Polish speech due to the individual characteristics of the Polish language.

There are six basic and three auxiliary parts of speech, three types of declensions, six cases and three verb times in the morphological system of the Polish language. Both written translation and interpreting into Polish (as well as from Polish) are much-needed services nowadays. It is not only translation of the documents required for crossing the border but also business, medical and legal papers. Interpreting is an indispensable service provided by Status Ko Translation Agency when signing contracts and during business negotiations. 

Polish translation services costs from/into
Translations of standard document UAH 180
Text of general lexis UAH 220 
Text of specialized lexis min. UAH 330
Interpretation min. UAH 800 per hour
Notarial certification of translation / Certification of a photocopy + translation UAH 130 
Certification by seal of the Translation Agency UAH 50 

Please note: the minimal order of interpreting from/into Polish is two hours. The cost of translation includes: typing, printing of one copy and electronic copy of the translation. The cost of urgent translation is charged at double rate.

Ordering translations into Polish of the required documentation or individual interpretation service in Status Ko Translation Agency, you will ensure in the high quality and availability of our services like a lot of our clients!

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