Translation into Mongolian

перевод на монгольский язык

монгольский костюм

Mongolian is the official language of Mongolia and belongs to the Central Mongolian subgroup of the Mongolian group of languages and has two related languages – Buryat and Kalmyk. An experienced linguist or a native speaker of the Mongolian language as a rule not only can perform translation into Mongolian but also can understand the related languages. And this is in spite of the fact that in the 20th century the Mongolian language underwent significant changes.

The Mongolian alphabet was the basis for the ancient Mongolian written system but in 1943 the Cyrillic alphabet chart was introduced in the basis of modern Mongolian language. Nowadays, Mongolian is the native language for more than 7 million people not only of Mongolia, but also of Mongolian Diasporas in Russia, Kirgizia and the Inner Mongolia (it is also called Nei Mengu)

The Khalkha dialect is the basis for the literary Mongolian language that’s why it is often called Khalkha-Mongolian or Khalkha. The phonetic system of the Mongolian language has a number of features. For example, all the sonants at the end of the word are stunned a little, the phonemes “Л” and “Р” are almost newer written at the beginning of the word and the prolonged vowel is displayed in writing by a double letter. Translators of Status Ko Translation Agency will help you with translation into Mongolian and they will not miss a beat!

Mongolian translation services cost from/into
Translation of a standard document UAH 250
Text of general lexis UAH 250
Text of specialized lexis UAH 260 and more
Interpreting negotiable
Notarial certification of translation UAH 130
Certification by seal of the Translation Agency UAH 10

Please note: the minimal order of interpreting is two hours. The cost of translation includes: typing, printing of one copy and electronic copy of the translation. The cost of urgent translation is charged at double rate.


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