перевод на македонский язык

македонский костюм

Macedonian is the official language of Macedonia. It is the native language for two million of Macedonian Slavs. Also it is the second native language for Turks, Albanian and Roma people who live in Macedonia. Like Bulgarian, the Macedonian language belongs to the South Slavic group of Indo-European languages.

The Western, Northern and Eastern regions of Macedonia use for communication the most common dialects of the Macedonian language. As a result, the linguists should try well to make a translation into Macedonian correctly. By the way, the difference between the literary and the spoken Macedonian language is not so large. The modern literary language of the Republic of Macedonia was formed not so long ago. In the 40s of the 20th century, the central dialects of the western parlance were taken as the basis for the literary language. However, the language itself has a long history.

The most notable thing is the writing system. The language calligraphy is based on two alphabets – Latin and Cyrillic. It is worth mentioning that the Slavic writing appeared just in Macedonia, and the most ancient memo was found in the monastery of Ohrid. In this town, the Cyrillic alphabet was created by Cyril and Methodius, and just from there and not from Bulgaria (as many people consider) the Cyrillic alphabet spread across many countries. In honor of this historic event – creation of the Cyrillic alphabet, many streets of Macedonia got Cyrillic prefix and have double name, and some of them are named only in Cyrillic.

Linguists of Status Ko Translation Agency will perform translation into Macedonian – one of the oldest languages, which gave a great cultural heritage to many countries of Europe and Asia. We will be pleased to process for you both oral speech and the necessary amount of the written translation. 

Macedonian translation services cost from/into
Translation of a standard document UAH 450
Text of general lexis UAH 500
Text of specialized lexis UAH 650 and more
Interpreting by request
Notarial certification of translation UAH 130
Certification by seal of the Translation Agency UAH 50

Please note: the minimal order of interpreting is two hours. The cost of translation includes: typing, printing of one copy and electronic copy of the translation. The cost of urgent translation is charged at double rate.


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