перевод на корейский язык

корейский костюм

Korean is the native language for more than 80 million people around the world. Every day the residents of South and North Korea, Japan, China, Russia, the USA and even Canada use this language for communication. The Korean language is one of the connective links between two different in structure and culture countries of the East Asia – the Republic of Korea (South Korea) and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea).

The separation of Korea that was unified once into two parts: the development of communism in one country and the capitalism in other identified significant differences between the two cultures and two dialects – the North Korean (Pyongyang dialect) and the South Korean (Seoul dialect). The basis of the official language of South Korea is considered to be Seoul dialect that is spoken in Seoul, Incheon and Kyounggi-do province. Also, it is used in Quezon region in North Korea. By the way, in this region the indigenous people adhere to a clear separation only in execution of official documents and fulfilling the requirements of legislation, and oral speech is a mixture of common dialects.

The Pyongyang dialect that is the dialect of the North Korea is appointed as a separate state language. It is spoken in the state capital – Pyongyang, in the region of Kwansei and Chagang province. The communist North Korea uses the language with many borrowed Chinese words of the nearest state (China is also governed by the Communist Party). The language of the South Korea is full of borrowed English words. Again, this is due to the military history of both countries. If you are going to visit the South or the North Korea for establishing business contacts, you will need the experienced linguist for translation into the Korean language. Otherwise, you risk to be misunderstood by either party. 

If you need to translate business correspondence, instructions, agreements or official documents, you will have to use the services of professional linguists specialized in written translation. The thing is the written system of Korea is based on two elements: Hangul (Korean written system) and Hanja (Chinese written system). But it isn’t so easy to understand the correct statement of information on paper given the significant differences between two basic dialects: a lot of borrowed words from Chinese and English. The translation experts of Status Ko Translation Agency will help you with this task. We will be happy to perform interpretation into Korean (as well as from Korean) and translation of documents or literature for you.

Korean translation services cost from/into
Translation of a standard document UAH 350
Text of general lexis UAH 390
Text of specialized lexis UAH 585 and more
Interpreting by request
Notarial certification of translation UAH 130
Certification by seal of the Translation Agency UAH 50

Please note: the minimal order of interpreting is two hours. The cost of translation includes: typing, printing of one copy and electronic copy of the translation. The cost of urgent translation is charged at double rate.


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