Translation into Kazakh

perevod na kazahskiy yazyk

казахский костюм

Kazakh is the official language of the Republic of Kazakhstan and it is the native language for the citizens of this country and also for communities of Kazakhs residing in the territories of Russia, Uzbekistan, Mongolia and China. The Kazakh language is very similar to the Nogai and Kara-Kalpak languages and belongs to the Kipchak language group. The Kipchak area includes Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Karakalpak Stan, the North Crimea, the North Caucasus and the Lower Volga.

Development of the Kazakh written system is divided into three stages: Arabic (till 1929, the Arabic script was the basis of the written system), Latin (from 1929 till 1940, the Latin script was used) and Russian (since 1940, the Cyrillic script was taken as a base for the written system). Interesting fact is that there was a period in Kazakh history when the state stopped financial support of the culture sphere (with government approval) and only a group of activists engaged the language development. Thanks to this, the Kazakh language has saved its unique character in difficult times for the country. Nowadays, the keypad layout and optimal driver standards are actively developed for the Kazakh language. Such activities promote development of the Kazakh language in the worldwide Internet network.

Kazakhs are very respectful of their native language, and one of the requirements for the future president during the elections is the Kazakh language examination. According to the rules written in the Constitution, the applicant has to write a script, to answer oral questions and prepare a short speech in Kazakh. This attitude is not only beneficial for the country’s reputation, but also instills respect for the native language in younger generation.

From the moment of its apparition and until our time, the Kazakh language has kept its purity: thanks to the steppe location of this country it was easier for tribes and settlements to communicate with other villages of the republic rather than with foreign neighbors. As a result, Kazakh has no various dialects but it is divided into three sub-dialects: the Western, the North-Eastern and the South. Native speakers of the Kazakh language hardly notice the difference between sub-dialects which does not prevent free communication between the people of Kazakhstan. The accent on the last syllable of almost all words and the absence of prepositions are peculiarities of the Kazakh language.

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Kazakh translation services cost from/into
Translation of a standard document UAH 350
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Text of specialized lexis UAH 585 and more
Interpreting by request
Notarial certification of translation UAH 130
Certification by seal of the Translation Agency UAH 50

Please note: the minimal order of interpreting is two hours. The cost of translation includes: typing, printing of one copy and electronic copy of the translation. The cost of urgent translation is charged at double rate.


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