Certificate of good conduct issued by the MIA of Ukraine on a special form. Help is an indication that a particular individual at the time of registration of the document did not have a criminal record and is wanted in Ukraine. Specialists of "Status Ko" achieve fast and high quality results in the shortest possible time.

UAH 400
2 days

So, how can you get a certificate of criminal records, avoiding all the formalities of its registration? Specialists of Status Ko Translation Agency will help you in this issue. Our primary goal is to provide you with the necessary documents as soon as possible. Due to years of experience and communication with Ukrainian officials, we rapidly achieve fast and high quality results.

What is required for the certificate of criminal records, and who shall deliver it to the applicant? According to the current Ukrainian legislation, certificate of criminal records is issued by the MIA on a special form, at the request. This certificate confirms that a particular individual at the time of registration of the document does not have a criminal record and is not wanted in Ukraine.


Service Terms of execution, working day Cost, UAH
Police Clearance Certificate 2 working days 400
Certificate of Study Confirmation 40/10 days 300/600
Reference On Assessment System in Ukraine 20/10 days 300/600
Reference On License and Level of Accreditation of Higher Educational Institutions 20/40 days 600
Claiming archival references by agreement 1300

What is the certificate of criminal records necessary for?

The certificate of criminal records shall be delivered for the use both in Ukraine and abroad. Usually, this document is necessary for the following:

1. For the registration of residence permits;

2. For obtaining authorization to leave Ukraine;

3. For submission to foreign banking institutions;

4. For obtaining employment permits for foreigners in Ukraine;

5. At the adoption and guardianship establishment;

6. At the participation in tenders;

7. When making or restoring documents;

8. When restoring the lost civil passport of Ukraine, etc.

Period of validity of the certificate of criminal records

Please note that the certificate of criminal records is valid from 10 days to 3 months, depending on the purpose and the place of submission of this document.

List of the documents required for the certificate of criminal records

  1. Notarized translation of the foreigner’s passport and its copy.
  2. A copy of the passport document of the citizen of Ukraine.
  3. A copy of the identification number.

It is also important to know that the certificate of criminal records can be received whatever the current place of stay. Having your power of attorney for receiving this document, Status Ko will certainly help you in receiving the certificate of criminal records, and save your time.

Our range of services also includes translation of necessary pages of the passport and its certification with the seal of the translation agency, notarization of the copy of passport, legalization and apostille. Status Ko Translation Agency always takes care about the time and the comfort of our clients, providing comprehensive services concerning preparation and obtaining of documents. You can order even an urgent international passport registration at an adequate price, low-cost high-quality interpretation at negotiations with foreign partners, or translation of literature, manuals, medical records, etc. Call and write to our managers. We will answer all questions!

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