A duplicate of the document is a copy of the original, which is legally binding and can provide on-demand instead of the original. More often than not receive duplicate is necessary in cases where the original was corrupted, lost, or stolen.


получение дубликата

Obtaining duplicate documents A duplicate document is a copy of the original document, which has legal force and can be provided on-demand instead of the original document. Most often, a duplicate is necessary in cases where the original was damaged, lost, or stolen. 

Besides these cases, duplicates may be needed if:

  1. If you are working abroad and you are required to submit the documents delivered by authorities of the MIA or by the Office of Vital Statistics;
  2. If you submit duplicate documents for legalization or affixing the apostille stamp in foreign countries.

Procedure for obtaining duplicate documents in Ukraine

In order to obtain a duplicate of any certificate or reference delivered by the Office of Vital Statistics in Ukraine, it is necessary to prepare and submit a copy of the previous document. In those cases, if a document has been lost, and copies of it have not been preserved, it is necessary to prepare all the information that can be recovered, including:

  • Personal data of the person, who needs to obtain a duplicate (full name, date of birth, place of birth);
  • Number of entry in the registry records;
  • When and by what body the document was issued;
  • When it comes to preparing of the power of attorney abroad, such a power of attorney shall be subject to mandatory legalization by affixing the apostille stamp or consular legalization.

Duplicate documents in Ukraine are issued by the following institutions:

  • Regional and district offices of vital statistics issue duplicate documents relating to the registration of acts of civil status (birth certificate, marriage certificate, certificate of the change in the surname, death certificate, etc.);
  • State archives of Ukraine issue duplicate documents of social and legal nature (educational and employment certificates, pension certificates and other documents that have been deposited in archives).
  • The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine issue duplicate documents of social and legal character on service, participation in the Second World War and other military operations; as well as award documents, documents on awarding ranks, employment and educational certificates that relate directly to the Ministry of Defense.

Assistance in obtaining duplicate documents by Status Ko Translation Agency

To obtain a duplicate document in Ukraine quickly and without worrying is not as easy as it may seem. Everyone who encountered such a situation can confirm it. Endless queues, phone calls-clarifications, working and non-working hours of public services, payment in banks and a lot of other obstacles.

If you address to Status Ko Translation Agency, you can be sure that our employees will pay you due attention and will contribute to the speedy solution of the problem. We can prepare the desired duplicates for you personally or for your trustee.

What information is needed to obtain a duplicate?

1. A copy of the document to be restored. If it is not possible - it is necessary to provide information about the document (where and when it was issued, in whose name, number of entry in the registry records, etc.).

2. Prepare a notarized power of attorney. In some cases it is required to provide documents (or certified copies thereof) confirming that the applicant is a relative of the person in whose name a duplicate document should be obtained.

Status Ko Translation Agency will gladly assist you in obtaining the following duplicate documents:

  • Certificates issued by the state archives;
  • Certificates of criminal records issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs;
  • Birth certificates;
  • Certificates of conclusion of marriage;
  • Marriage certificates;
  • Death certificates;
  • Divorce certificates.

Having obtained a duplicate in our Agency, you can order its legalization - by affixing the apostille stamp or by consular legalization procedure, and order professional translation of any document.

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